Chilly Bear's – South Pole Christmas Cards

Send Your Christmas Cards With A US Post Mark From Christmas, Florida

Chilly Bear . . . Who is He?

Yes, Virginia… there really is a Christmas… Christmas, Florida. Florida may not see much snow, but the small Town of Christmas sees plenty of activity from Chilly Bear “the South Pole polar bear” and his friends, prior to the holidays. People from around the world have Chilly Bear send their Christmas Cards and Holiday mail postmarked from “Christmas, Florida!”

Chilly Bear Standing
Every year, Chilly Bear sends large amounts of US Mail from the Christmas Florida’s US Post Office to people all around the world, just so they can have the “Christmas Florida” US Postmark on their holiday mailings.

Chilly Bear and his friends line up for the opportunity to mail your Holiday and Christmas Cards and letters with the unique US Postmark of “Christmas Florida” every year.

If you like Chilly Bear, let him know.

Chilly Bear also adds one of four unique South Pole Christmas tree stamps – personally chosen by you to each Card.

For more about Chilly Bear click here.


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  Jason wrote @

Hello South Pole, Chilly Bear is really neat, I’m going to send all my christmas cards this way, what a great holiday idea. Say hello to Santa Claus for me 🙂

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