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Handprint Santa Card

Put your personal stamp on holiday greetings with this handprint design.

Red craft paper
Glue stick
Plain notecard or card stock
Tempera paints
Paper plates
Googly eyes

Cut Santa-hat shapes (minus the pom-poms and white trim) from the craft paper, then glue one onto each card. Glue a pair of googly eyes a fingertip’s width below each hat.

For complete instructions, click here

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Christmas Is Right Around The Corner!

Welcome to Chilly Bear’s Famous Christmas Cards with a US Post Mark from Christmas, Florida.

Wake Up Chilly... It's Almost Christmas Time!

Wake Up Chilly... It's Almost Christmas Time!

Wow! What a great Christmas novelty, your wonderful Christmas cards with a US Post Mark from Christmas, Florida.

Your Christmas cards will be hand delivered and indivudally stamped by the US Postal Service from one of the oldest towns in Florida. Which just happens to be named Christmas.

Show your Christmas Spirit and send all your holiday cards to South Pole, Inc. and they will be hand delivered by Chilly and his friends, and all cards will be US Post Marked from Christmas, Florida!

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Handmade Christmas Cards Using Scrapbooking Supplies

A Merry Christmas Card

This easy-to-make card is all about the accents. Use retro-inspired stickers to say your Christmas message stylishly. Add three simple jewels to tie together the color and shape theme.

Handmade Christmas Cards Using Scrapbooking Supplies

Pretty in Pink

This card gives a twist to typical Christmas colors by using a rose-and-celery color palette. Knot a thin ribbon under an ornament created from paper with a tiny hook drawn with a silver pen. Accent with a single button.

The Joys of Christmas

Family, Santa, eggnog — what’s not to love about Christmas? Layer circle cutouts and stamped paper for the base of this colorful card. Finish with gem accents and a lime-green ribbon.

Handmade Christmas Cards Using Scrapbooking Supplies

Very Merry

To create this bold card, delicately cut out stamped letters spelling “merry” on patterned paper. (The stamps imprint the letter outlines only.) Paste the letters onto red paper layered over green paper. Finish with a stamped “christmas,” velvet rickrack, and a few grass-green brads.

Snowman Christmas Card

Craft a clever snowman card from scrapbooking supplies. Layer different-color papers for the background and then top with a rub-on sentiment and a snowman made from paper scraps and buttons.