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Christmas Card Display Ideas

Pining Away

Weave wonders using a basket and pinecones to make a display for your favorite greeting cards. Pinecones make natural card stands; just clip a few scales if necessary. Accent the basket with sprigs or berries.

Christmas Card Display Ideas

Warm Wreath

Try this fresh way to show off holiday cards. Wrap a straw wreath form with upholstery webbing (available at fabrics stores), securing it in place with small sewing pins. Tie a bow at the top and loop a length of it through the back to hang. Attach cards with binder clips.

Christmas Card Display Ideas

Show Your Cards

Recycle holiday cards with this clever garland idea. Trace a cookie-cutter shape around the most visually interesting part of the card. Cut out the shape, punch a hole, and tie it to pine garland with narrow red ribbon or yarn.

Christmas Card Display Ideas

Deck the Halls

Turn your favorite holiday cards into a whimsical wreath. Cut the cards into different-size circles (simplify the job with scrapbooking punches). Arrange the circles into a wreath shape, overlapping and securing the pieces with crafts glue. With a sewing machine, stitch over the top. Attach a ribbon to the top with a colored paper clip and hang.